Why visit Humboldt County?

Humboldt County is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California. It is located amongst the most spectacular collection of Redwood Trees in the state which is why much of the area has been turned into state and national parks. Because of this the area is well preserved which has greatly increased its popularity as a tourist destination.

The main reason that people go to Humboldt County is to see the redwoods. The area has by far the largest collection of them that you will find anywhere in the United States. The trees are giants and really have to be seen to be believed. The main attraction is the Avenue of Giants which contains most of the largest trees. This extends for thirty one miles and is well worth the drive. Of course you are not going to spend the whole trip looking at trees; fortunately there are plenty of other things to do in the area.

Redwood National Park

Since most of the area around Humboldt County is divided into state and national parks there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can choose from. This would include things like camping, boating, swimming and hiking. The parks are very popular for these reasons and they have excellent facilities. Because there are so many parks located so close together there are quite a few different experiences that you can have. For example the state parks are less restrictive about what you can do than the national park is which is why most visitors will go there.

There are also several small towns located in Humboldt County many of them are tourist destinations in their own right. The seat of the county Eureka still has the look of a Victorian town for example. There are also towns that have large populations of artists which is an attraction for a lot of people. There is plenty of opportunity to explore the towns and see an area that has been largely preserved the way that it was in the past. A lot of people like the idea of visiting a town that allows them to experience a slower pace of life than they do at home.

One of the appeals of Humboldt County for a lot of people is how easily accessible it is as a vacation spot. In particular the area is best suited for a driving location. There are well maintained highways that go to the area and the roads in the county are easy to follow. Because of this you don't have to invest a lot of time to go to Humboldt County. It is easy to reach from the major cities of California which is why it is such a popular destination for the people who live there. If you are planning to visit California it is an easy side trip that is well worth taking.